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Welcome to our Community Page!  The goal of this page is to reach out to others who desire the same style of living.  We want to be able to provide information on Products, Services, Tips, and ideas on how they can better continue their easy way of living in the simplest forms, but keep it going in the most exciting of ways.   Beach Life, 'Malibu Beach Life', can be defined easily by noticing that one person you see at the coffee shop that isn't wearing something spectacular, but for some reason you find her/him intriguing.   Something interests you about this person, and you can't figure it out what or why.  Malibu Beach Life is that guy who shows up in a suit, and shorts, wearing flip-flops to a fancy party and gets away with it; or that girl that wears a long summer dress to a cocktail party, and looks absolutely amazing ... it has nothing to do with what she's wearing.  But you can see in the way they move and talk .... that they are Serene.  Their Chi flows with positive clean, harmonious energy.  Our goal is help bring this Positive Chi to everyone.